This was my parents’ house and my house has a child. My best memories come from this house. We never forget our childhood memories. A house full of stories. Objects and spaces that take us in a time travelling. We design a modern and comfortable space with passion. The passion and warmness of the Portuguese welcome. We kept some key elements from the “old” house. You will probably recognise my father’s desk, the living room old golden candelabrum and some iconic objects from the old kitchen. Notice the old days telephone still with the house phone number. It’s not easy to find one like this in the modern times. Some chairs from my mothers wedding are still around as a side bed tables in a white version. Please take care of them like we do. Those will keep our memory alive. Beside the effort, it’s still an old house, where the energy plugs are not where we, sometimes, need it! We apologise for those small details. Nevertheless, we will make everything possible to assure you the perfect stay. Take your time, relax and enjoy the minimal house with the same passion we had in preparing it for you.

In the first floor The Minimal House: 4 double equipped room (for 8 pax), 2 rooms with working desks, 2 WC, full equipped kitchen, and a big living room with table for all.  At the ground floor The Minimal House II. We kept the same line and we create a second place in the same building. White is still the king, but from the light green we moved to a cosy black and grey. : 2 double equipped rooms, 1 single room, 1 WC, equipped kitchen, and a big living room with table for all (with a sofa, where one more person can sleep) this house is for 5 pax +1 pax (in the sofa).  Plus, we have a safe garage for one car and a personal multi-use studio to work, sport or mediation and a small back yard, good for a coffee outside, to storage surf boards and to dry wet suits. Is not big, but useful. A great place for families and small groups.