Go global and taste a bit of Asia in a vines countrywide at Buddha Eden Garden.

The idea was to create a park get to know all the world’s religions, and treats them with equal respect. From 09.00 to 18.00. Gate and restaurant close at 17.30.


Travel in time at Dino Park.

About 2.5 kilometers, it is a journey of about 400 million years, through different periods of earth’s history. In these tracks can be observed more than 180 models of real size dinosaurs, constructed in close cooperation with scientists all over the world, building models with a high scientific standard.


Walking the castle wall of Óbidos.

A part of Portugal Queens’ dowry for centuries, Óbidos has a charm of its own. The medieval architecture, the amazing view and little shops, coffeehouses and the ‘ginginha’ make Óbidos a mandatory place to visit while in Portugal. Walking in the castle wall of the medieval village of Óbidos it’s a best programme in the village. Free of charge activity. By walking on the castle walls you will have a general view of the town and surrounding landscapes.


Buy some daily fruits and vegetable at Caldas da Rainha market.

Is held every morning until 1pm at the “Praça da Fruta” (the best is Saturday and Sunday). It’s a unique atmosphere. Along to the local fruits, here you can find local ceramics and handicrafts produced by local artisans. There is also an indoor fish market in the lanes nearby with fresh catches daily from the ocean around. A flea market takes place every Monday.


Go diving at Berlengas island clear waters.

Berlenga biosphere reserve is about 7 miles from the Peniche port. Find a unique manifestations of animal and plant species as well as unique beauty and landscape. This place it’s a paradise.
Ticketing and boarding with Viamar or Berlenga Live.


Go surfing the west coast waves at Peniche or Baleal.

You will never be the same. If you are a beginner pick a surf school. Good Surf Good Love it’s a good choice for some lessons, if you are a beginner or the perfect company if you need to explore some more some challenging spots.  Good Surf Good Love academy it’s a “Movement for better surf education” created by the former athlete Inês Tralha.


Wines past and present.

Wines at this region have more than 100 year’s history. Quinta do Gradil, Quinta das Cerejeiras, Quinta da Várzea da Pedra e Quinta do Sanguinhal are extraordinary choices around the house. Portugal’s western region is one of the tourist regions with the greatest potential. The location between the sea and the hills offers a range of options. Visits to heritage sites and for getting to know the wine-growing process, starting at the vineyards, moving on to the cellar and ending at the tasting room and a wine store. A pleasant visit in a unique environment.


Picnic, hiking or cycling in the heart of the Montejunto mountain range.

Serra de Montejunto is a natural playground just across the house.  Serra de Montejunto has a variety of trails to be explored, with numerous spectacular landscapes to observe and photograph. One of the most spectacular places is The Royal Ice Factory, located next to the Picnic park. Built around1741 to fulfil the gastronomic luxury habit of the king of savouring ice cream or the chilled drinks. First the ice was transported on the backs of animals, to overcome the mountain, then followed in wagons to arrive, as soon as possible, to the “snow boats” anchored in Vala do Carregado. These boats completed the ice circuit, transporting it to Lisbon, the capital of the kingdom.