Terms & Prices

  • Prices at The Minimal House vary depending on the time of year and the number of guests and are subject to confirmation in the booking procedure.
  • The price of the stay to be paid by the client is the consideration for the provision of the use of the space, in the period between arrival and departure.
  • The total price of the stay will be charged per night, regardless of whether the guest made use of the room or did not spend the night.
  • The applicable taxes are the agreed prices in force on the date of conclusion of the reservation including VAT.
  • The maximum capacity of The Minimal House I is 8 people (with the possibility of adding 1 extra bed) and the maximum capacity of The Minimal House II is 6 people (with the possibility of adding 1 extra bed).
  • If the capacity is exceeded without prior notice, The Minimal House reserves the right to charge the amounts related to unnotified guests.
  • The value of the stay and prices of additional beds must be paid in advance when the customer check-in, regardless of the billing date. The customer can pay in cash, MBway or bank transfer.

For reservations, please fill out this form here

The booking will be confirmed after the following steps:

  • Receive a request form from the guest;
  • Email from The Minimal House to the guest confirming dates, availability and prices;
  • Guest’s bank transfer with 50% of the total stay to The Minimal House. The remaining payment will be made at check-in. (To guarantee the reservation, the time lapse between step 2 and step 3 cannot exceed 3 days).
  • Your booking is final after a payment of 50% by bank transfer to the IBAN account: PT50 0098 5110 0000 0013 507 65, CAIXA DE CRÉDITO AGRICOLA BOMBARRAL. BIC: CERTPTP1, or MBway. The balance will be paid upon check-in.
  • Extra Bed – Persons, regardless of age, stay for EUR 10.00 per person per night when using an available extra bed.
  • Cribs – Children up to 2 years old may stay for EUR 10.00 per person per stay when using an available cot.
  • Children up to 11 years old can stay for free, but they count as a person.
  • Cancellation policy. Guests can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the full price of the reservation if they cancel within 14 days of arrival.

Check-in and check-out procedure

  • Check-in can be done between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Check-out must be done by 12:00 noon
  • The Minimal House does not have a reception service, so the guest will be informed 24 hours in advance about which employee will receive him. At the agreed time, just call 10 minutes before and we will be waiting for you to check in and explain everything that is necessary about the operation of our house.
  • For your comfort and consideration for our staff, please inform us of your arrival time and respect it. Otherwise, you may be charged compensation for the waiting time (€5 per hour).
  • The same applies to complying with check-out hours. A similar amount will be charged for each hour of late departure. After notifying our staff, the customer must leave the room as soon as possible.
  • At the time of check-in, an information form regarding the guest is filled out, and the name, citizen card or passport number and tax identification number are requested for billing purposes. In compliance with the Privacy and Personal Data Policy, the processing of the data requested is exclusively for the execution of the contract to be entered into between the guest and The Minimal House or for the performance of pre- and post-contractual procedures at their request.
  • Regarding foreign guests, the provisions of Law No. 23/2007, of 4 July, amended and republished by Law 29/2012, of 9 August, and amended by Laws No. 56/2015, of 23 June, and 63/2015, of 30 June, which approves the legal regime for the entry, stay, exit and removal of foreigners from national territory, will also be respected. and also, the provisions of Ordinance No. 287/2007, of 16 March. According to Article 16 of Law No. 23/2007, operators of tourist resorts, local accommodation establishments or any other entities that provide accommodation for consideration are required to fill in the so-called accommodation bulletins. Filling out the accommodation bulletin is not a common register of guests, but rather a form of police control of the entry and stay of foreigners in national territory. For each foreign citizen, including nationals of other Member States of the European Union, an accommodation form must be completed. Not providing this information may turn the reservation unfeasible.

Tell us what you think

Since we permanently want to improve and offer to our guest the best experience as possible we are happy to hear what you enjoyed about The Minimal House. Also let us know what aspects we can make even better.

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Our Rules

  • Under Law No. 63/2017, smoking any tobacco products and/or their derivatives, namely electronic cigarettes, is not allowed at the The Minimal House premises, to comply with all the rules and for the well-being of all customers of our spaces. Our non-smoking policy is duly indicated, so in case of non-compliance, the Minimal House reserves the right to charge between €50 and €500 in accordance with Decree-Law 37/2007.
  • Pets are not allowed at The Minimal House
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Breakfast is not provided
  • Bed and bath linen included (one face towel and one bath towel per person)
  • Parties or events are not allowed, nor are the entry of people who are not part of the guests of the reservation.
  • We recommend a civic and non-abusive parking in the vicinity of The Minimal House. The Minimal House is not responsible for damage to third parties or theft of vehicles when parked.
  • The Hotel reserves the right to expel guests who are acting in an unfair, offensive, or threatening manner towards other guests or staff.
  • It is forbidden to make changes in the organization of the space and equipment of the rooms and common areas.
  • It is forbidden to store dangerous items in the rooms, such as weapons, ammunition, explosives, flammable materials, and psychoactive substances.
  • The sale of items in the hotel spaces is prohibited.
  • During the stay, it is forbidden to make excessive noise that disturbs the rest of the other guests and to behave inappropriately.
  • Responsible conduct of silence and comfort must be observed between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
  • It is strictly forbidden not to take care of or disrespect the spaces of The Minimal House, and penalties may apply. In case of damage, theft or loss of items belonging to the space, The Minimal House reserves the right to charge the full amount of damaged/stolen or lost items.
  • The client must respect the other clients and the imposed rules of good conduct suggested by The Minimal House.
  • Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times of their stay.
  • The Hotel is not responsible for damages or accidents occurring inside the room or any other area of the hotel, unless it is guaranteed that The Minimal House is at fault.
  • The Minimal House has a Complaints Book in physical format.

Customer Information

AL Registration number: 76381/AL at Municipality of Bombarral


Bank information:

Bank Zone: 00985110
IBAN: PT50 0098 5110 0000 0013 507 65