White is still the king, but from the light green we moved to a cosy black and grey.

At the ground floor is The Minimal House II. We kept the same line and we create a second place in the same building. Some of my parents ‘ wedding chairs are still here as bedside tables, now in a white or black version.


At the The Minimal House II  we have 2 double equipped rooms, 1 single room, 1 WC, equipped kitchen, and a big living room with table for all (with a sofa, where one more person can sleep). This house is for 5 pax +1 pax (in the sofa).


We put together modern design elements that allow a very interesting contrast. For example the chairs Acapulco which are a revival of a fifties. In the resorts of Acapulco these chairs gave life to the balconies overlooking the sea and we imagined that they rested the great stars. We wanted to remind this story linked with luxury, sophistication and relax.