At The Minimal House we want to extend your travelling experience.

For that we create our “memory box” A small remarkably attractive shop, which sells both regional products and memories from your stay. Please check the “memory box” trolley at the entrance or send us an email with your request to

Spread your voice

Hold a stylish and awesome coffee mug in your hand, and spread our voice in a silent way “keep life simple”.

White/ Ceramic/ 8 Euros

Sweet and tasty. Apple or pear? Chose one

Typical sweet western region with intense flavour to pear (Pera Rocha) or apple (Maçã Reineta). It is handmade exclusively from the fruits of the region.  It is great for baring bread and toasts. Give wings to your imagination and indulge in.

Small box 120g/ 3 Euros

Let yourself go and taste what best the region has to offer. Wines.

Quinta de S. Francisco red. Brewed fruits with chocolate notes stemming from the ageing in wood. Very smooth and spicy. Intense and persistent finish. Goes very well with meat, cooked vegetables and pastas. Its slight acidity enhances its freshness, which provides a pleasant combination with fish meals any time of the year. Should be served between 16º and 18ºC. Castelão (60%), Aragonez (20%), Touriga Nacional (20%). Bottle 750ml/ 7.5 Euros

Quinta de S. Francisco white. A delicate aroma with lemon notes, plenty of fruit on the palate. Nice, refreshing acidity on the finish to balance the wine. Excellent with grilled or oven-cooked fish. Should be served at a temperature of 10-12ºC. Vital (60%), Fernão Pires (20%) and Arinto (20%)  Bottle 0750ml/ 6 Euros

“Can you explain what is the deal with the little black ceramic bird I see everywhere?”

The Portuguese Swallow.It all started with one of the most well-known artists that Portugal has had Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro. Bordallo Pinheiro in 1891 decided to produce a set of ceramic pieces that looked like swallows. The pieces quickly integrated into Portuguese homes and became a symbol for a Portuguese house which lives on still today.The swallow is a migratory bird which always returns to the same place to nest, year after year. It is said to happen because a swallow only has one partner throughout its life. So it’s no wonder that the swallow is associated with values like Home, Family, Love, Fidelity and Loyalty which resulted in the exchange of these ceramic figures between lovers. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Black/ Ceramic/ 6 Euros

Sidrada. The perfect cider, from imperfect apples.

In the 14th century, the Monks of Cister of the Monastery of Alcobaça chose Bombarral to plant their orchards due to their “good clay”. From this rich history and agricultural tradition, products born made with the best apples of local plantations, in the Family Clímaco Pereira for 3 generations. Crafted in a handmade way with 100% apple juice, our cider varieties look for different tastes and different audiences, with a more natural and authentic product than commercial ciders.

Bottle, 33cl, one apple/ three apples/ 3,5 Euros

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