The house is located in a quiet neighbourhood, not far away from the centre of “villa do” Bombarral.

About Bombarral. Staying longer, you learn more. You learn to appreciate the details of Bombarral.

The train station is a great spot.

From the busy times of the Bombarral wineries, it is now a peaceful place full of history where you can admire the tile-work decorating the walls.

The famous “pastel de nata”.

Really close to the church Santíssimo Salvador do Mundo you can find Pastelaria Real where you can enjoy, the famous “pastel de nata”.

The park

We call it «mata», the woods. This park is a fantastic place to charge batteries. It’s a municipal garden in a wild woods format. It goes from the church of Santíssimo Salvador do Mundo until the municipality square. A fresh and green place to discover.

Wineries are big stuff here.

Don’t miss it. Quinta das Cerejeiras, Quinta dos Loridos, Quinta do Sanguinhal, Quinta da Várzea da Pedra and Quinta do Gradil are the most commum choices. They are open to the public with visits and wine tasting. Quinta do Gradil also have a nice restaurant.

Sanctuary Bom Jesus and Carvalhal.

Based on the legend of the Lord Jesus, the church of São Pedro do Carvalhal is quite imponent. A place of ownership and Sunday picnics. Also at the small village of Carvalhal, a “noble” tower, built at least since the 14th century by the Lafetá family. In this wilderness place, still stands the chapel of Nossa Senhora do Socorro, built in the 16th century, and in the following century been working a hostels for accommodation of needy travellers passing through the village.